White walls

My mum always used to say that white walls are the least practical, they get dirty easily and remind her of hospital white walls. My dad painted the whole house in different colours, and as a result only the upstairs hall and the kitchen see white walls now, although you will not be able to see much of it with kitchen cabinets taking most of the room anyway. My mum does not seem to be the only one, as most of the relatives and friends one by one started redecorating houses with orchid, lavender, baby blue, mantis etc. Wall paint producers all made us think that white walls need a new coat of paint in different colour, advertising happy families in newly painted rooms in reds, greens and blues. Somehow white was moved aside and almost forgotten.

Ok, white walls might get dirty a little quicker than other colours, but they bring out light, create a fresh and airy space which just seems cleaner and spacious. White gives an amazing background to modern furniture and stunning art pieces, working perfectly with high ceilings and wooden floorings. It transforms an ordinary room into a crispy and simple space. Also here at our concept we are crazy about Scandinavian interior with white working as a colour platform and adding black and other hints of colour to keep it simple yet interesting and creating environment bold almost edgy. Some argue that whites are a recipe for disaster and pure whites can be used only with large pieces of art to create contrast. Others will tell you that unless the room has high ceiling and massive windows, pure white is a no-no. But fear not, there are different shades of white available to choose from, from ghost white to ecru

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